Episode 1

Black Hair | Why Didn't You Tell Me & Black Dads Lives | #WDYTM | Season 2 Episode 1

For many men their knowledge of hair is limited. However, the bond between a man and his hair stylist is intimate whether it’s a retwist or a sharp shape up, it is a restorative experience. Black Hair is sacred it is more than just the follicles, it encompasses our mind, body, and soul. Afrodrops commissioned Why Didn’t You Tell Me? (WDYTM) to bring together a group of men to discuss the importance and power of Black Hair.

Afrodrops helps those with afro hair find the products and advice they need and ultimately, help people to fall in love with the natural hair they were born with. Afro hair will no longer be a chore or a 'special trip' on Saturday. It's about everyday afro TLC.

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